BAU Results 2019-20

BAU Results 2019-20Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) Results 2019-20. BAU Annual Semester Exam 2019-20 Results BAU 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year Results 2019-20 BAU Mid Team Results 2019-20.

BAU Results 2019-20

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) Results 2019-20 is expected to be declared on last week of November 2019-20. BAU result 2019-20 will announced soon.

BAU results 2019-20 can be checked

Students may check BAU results 2019-20 at: Corresponding Colleges or Institute or in BAU itself.

You may check BAU Result 2019-20 at online / website also by entering your registration number.

We went to to check official website of Bangladesh Agricultural University to check their Notice board still then have not updates any news on BAU Result 2019-20

BAU Result 2019-20 (Offline) (College/University)– you can also get your  Mark sheet from your corresponding colleges. All colleges under BAU published selected merit list on college notice board along with exam candidate Name, Roll Number, Registration Number, Score/Marks.

Courses Offered :

  • BAU M.S. in Anatomy & Histology 
  • BAU M.S. in Physiology 
  • BAU M.S. in Pharmacology 
  • BAU M.S. in Parasitology 
  • BAU M.S. in Pathology 
  • BAU M.S. in Medicine 
  • BAU M.S. in Surgery 
  • BAU M.S. in Theriogenology 
  • BAU M.S. in Microbiology Vet.
  • BAU M.S. in Public Health 
  • BAU M.S. in Agronomy 
  • BAU M.S. in Soil Science 
  • BAU M.S. in Plant Pathology 
  • BAU M.S. in Entomology 
  • BAU M.S. in Horticulture 
  • BAU M.S. in Crop Botany 
  • BAU M.S. in Biochemistry 
  • BAU M.S. in Agricultural Chemistry 
  • BAU M.S. in Agril.Extension Education 
  • BAU M.S. in Genetics & Plant Breeding 
  • BAU M.S. in Animal Science 
  • BAU M.S. in Animal Breeding & Genetics 
  • BAU M.S. in Animal Nutrition 
  • BAU M.S. in Poultry Science 
  • BAU M.S. in Dairy Science 
  • BAU M.S. in Agril.Economics (Production Economics) 
  • BAU M.S. in Agril.Economics (Finance) 
  • BAU M.S. in Agril. Statistics 
  • BAU M.S. in Agril. Economics (Cooperation) 
  • BAU M.S. in Agril. Economics (Marketing) 
  • BAU M.S. in Farm Structure 
  • BAU M.S. in Farm Power & Machineries 
  • BAU M.S. in Irrigation & Water Management 
  • BAU M.S. in Food Technology 
  • BAU M.S. in Computer Science 
  • AU M.S. in Fisheries Biology & Genetics 
  • BAU M.S. in Fisheries Management 
  • BAU M.S. in Aquaculture 
  • BAU M.S. in Fisheries Technology 
  • BAU M.S. in Biotechnology and Environmental Science.
  • BAU Anatomy & Histology
  • BAU Microbiology & Hygiene 
  • BAU Parasitology 
  • BAU Medicine 
  • BAU Pathology 
  • BAU Physiology 
  • BAU Pharmacology 
  • BAU and Surgery & Obstetrics
  • BAU Agronomy 
  • BAU Soil Science 
  • BAU Crop Botany 
  • BAU Plant Pathology 
  • BAU Horticulture 
  • BAU Entomology 
  • BAU Agricultural Extension Education 
  • BAU Agricultural Chemistry 
  • BAU Biochemistry 
  • BAU Genetics & Plant Breeding 
  • BAU Physics 
  • BAU Chemistry 
  • BAU Languages 
  • BAU Agroforestry
  • BAU Biotechnology and Environmental Science
  • BAU Animal Breeding & Genetics
  • BAU Animal Nutrition 
  • BAU Animal Science 
  • BAU Poultry Science 
  • BAU and Dairy Science
  • BAU Agricultural Economics
  • BAU Cooperation & Marketing
  • BAU Agricultural Finance
  • BAU Agricultural Statistics
  • BAU and Rural Sociology
  • BAU Irrigation & Water Management
  • BAU Farm Power & Machinery
  • BAU Farm Structure
  • BAU Food Technology & Rural Industries and Computer Science & Mathematics 
  • BAU Fisheries Biology & Genetics
  • BAU Aquaculture
  • BAU Fisheries Management
  • BAU and Fisheries Technology.
  • BAU D.V.M.
  • BAU B.Sc. in Ag. (Hons).
  • BAU  B.Sc in A.H. (Hons). 
  • BAU B.Sc. in  Ag.Econ. (Hons).
  • BAU B.Sc. in Agril.Engg.
  • BAU B.Sc. in Food Engg.
  • BAU in  Fisheries (Hons).

About Us  

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) is the premier seat of higher agricultural education and research in the country. The main task of the university is to tone up the quality and standard of higher agricultural education and to produce first-rate agriculturists, agricultural scientists and researchers for shouldering the responsibilities of agricultural development of the country. The missions of university have been to develop the art and science of agriculture for the well being of mankind, and to educate agriculturists of high standards of scientific, managerial and professional competence in harmony with the environment, and to share knowledge and skills with world partners.

Officail Address –

Adderss : Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)
Mymensing-2202, Bangladesh
Telephone No : +880 91 67401-06
Fax No : +880 91 61510
E-mail :
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