SUST Results 2019-20

SUST Results 2019-20Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) Results 2019-20. SUST Annual Semester Exam 2019-20 Results SUST 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year Results 2019-20 SUST Mid Team Results 2019-20.

SUST Results 2019-20

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) Results 2019-20 is expected to be declared on last week of November 2019-20. SUST result 2019-20 will announced soon.

SUST results 2019-20 can be checked

Students may check SUST results 2019-20 at: Corresponding Colleges or Institute or in SUST itself.

You may check SUST Result 2019-20 at online / website also by entering your registration number.

We went to  to check official website of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology to check their Notice board still then have not updates any news on SUST Result 2019-20

SUST Result 2019-20 (Offline) (College/University)– you can also get your Mark sheet from your corresponding colleges. All colleges under SUST published selected merit list on college notice board along with exam candidate Name, Roll Number, Registration Number, Score/Marks.

Courses Offered:-

  • SUST BA in Pharmacy 
  • SUST BA in Chemistry 
  • SUST BA in Geography and Environment
  • SUST BA in Mathematics 
  • SUST BA in Physics 
  • SUST BA in Statistics
  • SUST BA in Agriculture & Mineral Sciences
  • SUST BA in Applied Sciences & Technology
  • SUST BA in Life Sciences
  • SUST BA in Management & Business Administration
  • SUST BA in Medical Sciences
  • SUST BA in Physical Sciences
  • SUST BA in Social Sciences
  • SUST BSS in Anthropology 
  • SUST BSS in Bengali
  • SUST BSS in Economics
  • SUST BSS in English 
  • SUST BSS in Political Studies
  • SUST BSS in Public Administration 
  • SUST BSS in Social Work
  • SUST BSS in Sociology
  • BUSt B.Sc in Anthropology
  • BUSt B.Sc in Architecture
  • BUSt B.Sc in Bio-Chemistry & Molecular Biology
  • BUSt B.Sc in Business Administration
  • BUSt B.Sc in Chemical Engineering & Polymer Science
  • BUSt B.Sc in Chemistry
  • BUSt B.Sc in Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • BUSt B.Sc in Computer Science & Engineering
  • BUSt B.Sc in Economics
  • BUSt B.Sc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • BUSt B.Sc in Food Engineering & Tea Technology
  • BUSt B.Sc in Forestry & Environmental Science
  • BUSt B.Sc in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
  • BUSt B.Sc in Geography & Environment
  • BUSt B.Sc in Industrial & Production Engineering
  • BUSt B.Sc in Mathematics
  • BUSt B.Sc in Petroleum & Mining Engineering
  • BUSt B.Sc in Physics
  • BUSt B.Sc in Political Studies
  • BUSt B.Sc in Public Administration
  • BUSt B.Sc in Social Work
  • BUSt B.Sc in Sociology
  • BUSt B.Sc in Statistics

About Us:-  After a long struggle and a relentless movement, the Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) was established in 1987. The only university of its kind at that time, it started it’s career on the 1st Phalgun(13th of February 1991) with only three departments: Physics, Chemistry and Economics, 13 teachers and 205 students. Now, at the middle of 2011, it has expanded to 7 schools, 25 departments and one institute. The number of teachers has grown to 424 and the students to 9262. Besides, the University has six affiliated medical colleges under the School of Medical Sciences with 2744 students. SUST introduced the integrated honours course for the first time in Bangladesh. It introduced the semester system from the 1996-97 session and there was a remarkable improvement in the quality of education after the introduction of this system, which was visible even in the national arena. Every student from SUST has to take two language courses, one in Bangla and the other one in English. Every student also has to take two computer courses, one for computer literacy and the other to learn a computer language. The computer center of SUST offers courses to every employees and one can say, without any hesitation that SUST is the most IT enabled university in this country. SUST has started it’s graduate programmes by offering masters degree to graduating bachelors of most of the departments. It is difficult to start a world-class research programme without a well funded graduate school, even then the teachers of SUST are trying to create a research environment in the campus. Two research journals are published regularly from SUST, one in Bangla and the other one in English where a few hundred research papers are submitted every year. Several departments have hosted International Conferences and are planning to organize similar events in the near future.

Officail Address – 

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Kumargaon, Sylhet-3114, Bangladesh
Phone: PABX : 880-821-713491, 714479, 713850, 717850, 716123, 715393
FAX : 880-821-715257, 725050
Website :
E-mail : provides unofficial news of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) exam results, to get more updates on   SUST Results 2019-20 Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) please join our Facebook page by Clicking on Like button, and you can get daily updates on SUST Results 2019-20

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